The App Store Manager allows automatic translation of metadata. This includes the descriptive texts of the apps in both app stores (Google and Apple). This means the titles and detailed descriptions.

The list of languages supported as a source and as a target of translation can be found here.
Languages for which automatic translation is not possible can nevertheless be edited, imported, and also uploaded.

Important with the texts, they must comply with the respective guidelines of the stores.

In the standard plans: Free, Screenshot and Basic Neural machine translations are offered. This is suitable for normal translation, preferably of shorter texts.

In the Premium plan, for the essential languages, an improved translation is available. This Neural network-based translation is very close to natural, context-sensitive language. Contact us if this is of interest to you.

All translations can be checked and validated before they are accepted.
Often the word and sentence lengths differ. Therefore, it is important to check and adjust them if necessary. The App Store Manager indicates when a field exceeds the maximum allowed length.
In this case, the sentence must be shortened accordingly. The Retranslate function can help with this. It allows repeated translation based on a selected source language. If the source language is shortened, the number of letters and words in the target language will also be shortened. This step can be repeated at will until the desired result is achieved.

Important: all translations consume characters. Consider the available limit in your subscription plan.