With App Store Manager, app screenshots can be uploaded and transferred very easily. The screenshot upload works for all supported languages.

Basically, the upload process can be divided into four steps:

  1. Creation

  2. Export

  3. Provisioning
  4. Transfer and Upload


Create your app screenshots in the tool of your choice. This can be done in appropriate graphics applications to various online tools. The latter saves time, as they are tailored to the process of creating store-compliant images. A list of tools can be found here.


Export your app screenshots and package them in our template (available from the App Store Manager “Import from Google Drive” page). Use either the iOS or Android template. The structure is to be kept.

  • For App Store Connect the images have to be named from 1.png to 10.png
  • For Google Play Console they have to be named 1.png to 8.png
  • Unnecessary images and languages can be deleted from the template
  • Finally, the folder structure is to be packed into a ZIP archive
  • You don’t have to provide the maximum of images – thus 3 is the minimum per iOS device and 2 for Android resolutions


The created archive has to be uploaded to Google Drive (exclusively) by you. Once the upload is done, a link to the archive can be created in Google. In doing so, the right “Viewer” is to be assigned.

The link will be provided in the App Store Manager afterward. Now the upload can succeed

Upload and share screenshots from Google Drive

Upload und Transfer

Navigate to the corresponding app package within the App Store Manager.
Under “App Screenshots” select Import from “Google Drive”. Paste the link, which you have created in the previous step into the field.

Provide Google Drive Share Link

Navigate to the “Upload to…” section. Enter your credentials or select the stored ones and click upload.
This can take up to 1.5 hours, depending on the volume or the number of languages and images. The duration also depends on the general system load by other users.

The log and the loading spinner signal the progress.
Business customers have the option of prioritized and thus accelerated processing.

Once the process is complete, all your images are submitted to the store.

Finalize the screenshot upload

Access permissions

The App Store Manager requires the following access rights to work properly for Google Play Console:

  • View app information (read only) – to access and download metadata for import
  • Edit and delete draft apps – to upload metadata and screenshots
  • Manage store presence – to upload metadata and screenshots

For App Store Connect, you have to configure the basic API access.


I WANT AN ELEPHANT has a partnership with LaunchMatic. The App Store Manager supports the LaunchMatic design tool.
LaunchMatic users can submit the export 1:1 via App Store Manager.
The export must also be stored in Google Drive as described above.